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Gun Club Estonian House??03 Jul 2018 10:12
The local community does not support the promotion and proliferation of hand guns at the Estonian House Gun Club. With the increase in gun violence in Toronto, our community needs to ask what to do about this.
uuhhh?03 Jul 2018 10:43
Estonians using the Esto House rifle range are a cause of gun crime in Toronto?
hmm03 Jul 2018 10:53
Crude attempt by this Putin's "useful idiot" to drive another wedge.

How is EH roof even related to rifle range or rifle range related to gun crime?
Community Centre Not Guns03 Jul 2018 11:02
The gun club members do not want the Estonian House to move because they want to continue using the handgun range in the attic. They are very vocal opponents of Madison and other community projects.
Mayor Tory says03 Jul 2018 17:29
“Tory said statistics indicate that more than 75 per cent of the shootings in Toronto are in some way gang-related.”
The lasketiir is a hang-out where those gangs called the Skaudid and Gaidid hold turf. Really?
Huh? x 203 Jul 2018 18:36
Is this the level that pro-Madison people will sink to in their commentary? Wow.... relating lasketiir and gun violence is beyond comprehension.
Markus Alliksaar11 Jul 2018 15:04
So, Mr. Anonymous, if the EM lasketiir is so unpopular (all the thumbs-down to your comment aside), it should be no problem for you to identify yourself and earn all the laurels that the EM will heap on you for your position.
Markus Alliksaar11 Jul 2018 15:07
Hey Mr. Community Center not Guns, so what is it to you if TEPP is looking after its interests? Instead of bashing people who don't toe your line, why don't you do something positive and explain how the Madison Ave Project is a positive development for the current users of the EM? Since the new center is so great, this should be easy.

Also, why don't you identify yourself.
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Jaak J?rve03 Jul 2018 20:17
Necessity is the mother of invention,
Desperation is the father of recklessness.
n/a05 Jul 2018 09:22
So hr. JJ

Seems that you have come over to the pro-Madison group. Was it Fr. Eestica members that convinced you or the realization that you could have even more members in maleklubi than ever?
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